There is lots I love about being part of this group-the concepts we discuss, the fact that we don't network and rarely give out business cards, the vegan brownies, but mainly it's the women it attracts. I have met the most wonderful women through Simply Sisterhood who have become some of my most cherished friends. There is an openness, an authenticity, non judgement and a real sense of being who we really are. So if we're feeling a bit fed up with the world- that's totally fine, if we're feeling like we could burst with excitement that is equally fine. Where else do you get this space to be who you really are, to discover who you really are? Big love to the gorgeous women I have met and had the pleasure to hang out with through being part of this community




Simply Sisterhood is simply brilliant. I've been a member for years. What it really gives me above all else is incredible support on a personal level. The members are just gorgeous people who are prepared to connect more and go deeper than any other group I've experienced. The online group is brilliant support and even just knowing I can post in there and feel held is so helpful. The events are empowering and I've gained so much from so many of the concepts in them. It's been so helpful in up levelling my self care and energy levels. Michelle is the most caring, real and positive leader I can imagine. I'm not sure I'd have got my business to where it is without her and the group in the background - thank you.


This group is amazing. Michelle has created a safe space for you to just be you. So you might be thinking, a safe space??? Well breaking that down firstly it allows you to just feel, and be totally ok with where you are at. It also inspires creativity, supports growth, encourages exploration which is perfect when you are running you own business. To have other to talk to who get it, who understand the strains of business is just amazing. And the way that they are all so supportive, really helps when it comes to making the best decision about your business, and about you. What Michelle offers is rare to find anywhere else. She really is amazing. X

SS gives me the connection with other women who are ‘doing their thing, in their own ways’. Michelle holds the group & leads the monthly meetings with wisdom, love & grounded real-ness! I get to dive deeper into topics that support my growth in all directions & our online community often blows me away with the support and love we share. As a woman, with a desire to live my fullest life, in relationships, business & in myself; in the ups & the downs, my Simply Sisterhood community stands right beside me, cheering me on!



It’s rare to meet a group where everyone is rooting for each other and an online community with such heart. I had no self care before to the point of serious illness. Now, I look forward to each month’s group meeting and putting my self first so that everything else works, especially my business. This has meant working less and earning more. But more than that I’m happier and met an amazing group of women I genuinely love to be with