Simply Sisterhood exists to empower every woman to prioritise herself. To know and understand that in her Selfcare lies her Superpower for Success.


My experience is self care is crucial, it’s the fundamental foundation of the feminine. Yet it really goes against the grain of the ‘hard work culture ‘ so to walk this path alone is a tough one and we get sucked back into the paradigm of the ‘production’ world. When we travel alongside our sisters, together we can bravely break free from our conditioning as people pleasers, martyrs, and over-achievers constantly trying to prove ourselves.



Lucie Bradbury

Lucie is the authority on Feminine Leadership and is passionate about pioneering the role for women in the future. After 20 years in corporate biz including time with the Walt Disney Company and one the largest publishers in the UK, she turned her back on it all, to discover a more entrepreneurial world.


Lucie started Damsels in Success - now known as Simply Sisterhood - 12 years ago and it grew rapidly to be recognised as one of the leader providers of personal development for women in the UK. She is a mum of 3 small children - and is now reinventing herself and her business completely following her recent divorce. Lucie is a fabulous role model of putting our feminine first, is a professional speaker, a published author, she runs half marathons for fun & recently qualified as an orgasm coach so she has lots to bring to the party.

Michelle Graham

I’m a wife, a mum, a runner, a lover of beach fires and toasted marshmallows, and deeply passionate about women and the power we have inside all of us. A decade ago I was a soil scientist ...15 years into an academic career, with a degree, a masters, and a PhD to my name... and feeling like I was slowly rusting from the inside out.


A desire to find another way of being brought me into contact with Lucie... and from day one my life started to change. We’ve now worked alongside each other for nine years, and I am beyond grateful that she helped me find that ‘other way’. I now hold space for women who want to reconnect more to their inner wisdom, joy and freedom. Women who want to rediscover their power and use it to create magic in the world. I stand for women giving themselves permission to be the most important person in their lives. For sustainable success built on selfcare. I stand against women putting everyone else’s needs above their own. Against the striving, stress and hustle.